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At the Audiology Center of Garland, we can provide you with comprehensive care for your ears and hearing.

Medical Evaluation
James B. Maddox, MD, is a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear-nose-throat specialist) who can evaluate and treat medical disorders of your ears. Why is this important? Some types of ear and hearing problems are medically treatable (ear infections, perforated eardrum, otosclerosis, impacted earwax, etc.) and should be treated before you have your hearing tested. Earwax is troublesome for many hearing aid users; Dr. Maddox is available to clean your ears, often at the same appointment. Many of these services can be filed directly with your medical insurance.

Audiology in Garland, TX

Hearing problems can be caused by many things, including medically treatable disorders. This can include impacted earwax, fluid behind the eardrum, a hole in the eardrum, otosclerosis (involving the three bones of the middle ear), swimmer's ear, etc.

A medical evaluation along with your hearing test will help to ensure that you receive the most appropriate help for your ears and hearing. Many medical disorders of the ear are covered under most medical insurance plans.

Audiological Evaluation

Audiologists evaluate and test hearing; they are specialists in this area. By having your hearing thoroughly evaluated, we can determine if the hearing problem should be referred for medical treatment, if the patient has normal hearing, or if hearing aids would be appropriate.

If hearing aids are recommended, the degree of your hearing problem, your lifestyle and special hearing needs will all be considered to make the best choice for your hearing aids.

Generally, a hearing aid fitting in both ears (binaural amplification) will provide the best solution to your hearing problems. Both ears work together with the brain to provide the best hearing in noise and other difficult listening situations.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting
If hearing aids are determined to be the best solution for your hearing problems, our office provides the latest in hearing aid technology. We offer a wide variety of styles and prices to fit your needs.

All of our hearing aids are digital, which allows the most precise fitting of your hearing problem.

All follow-up visits for the life of your hearing aids are included in the purchase price. We service many major brands of hearing aids, and carry a full line of hearing-aid batteries and supplies.

We want to provide the best care for you and your hearing. Please feel free to call us about your hearing questions.

We Offer Full Service for Your Ears and Hearing

  • Medical examination of your ears by a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear-nose-throat doctor)
  • Complete hearing evaluation by a licensed audiologist
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Full shell to completely-in-the-canal hearing aids available
  • Thirty (30) day trial period on all hearing aids
  • Extended repair warranties on some hearing aids
  • Loss and damage coverage on some hearing aids
  • Hearing aid batteries by mail at great prices!
  • Follow-up hearing aid checks at no cost!

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